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    During this time of isolation and hardship, I have put together a number of good Catholic websites on a range of topics.  These topics range from Apologetics to Evangelization, Catechesis to Diocesan Apostolates, to sites for Catholic Men and for Catholic Women, to Catholic Scripture Studies, to Liturgy and Prayer, etc.  I put these together in the event that some might like to take this opportunity to delve deeper into our holy, Catholic Faith, or, perhaps, to do some re-discovery of it.  If you would like the link to all of these sites collectively, you can find them on the Diocese of Harrisburg’s website at:   
    In no way is this meant to be anything like a comprehensive list…more like “a good start”.  You will notice that many of these sites have brief explanations beside them.  This is intended to help you decide which ones you might be interested in further exploring and which ones you might not.  Those without descriptions were, generally, so self-explanatory, that I did not include one.  These and many more Catholic websites can be found, by category, at  May God bless and keep you and yours!
    In Jesus through Mary,
    Jim Gontis
    Director of Evangelization and Catechesis and Sports Ministry